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Bio-gas lighting at Kayaba Ushirika wa Usafi na Maendeleo…

Household air pollution is high due to burning of traditional fuels (kerosene and charcoal) for cooking and lighting having adverse health impacts.  Use of these fuels produces high levels of smoke around the home with health-damaging pollutants.  These pollutants can lead to a wide range of child and adult diseases like acute and chronic respiratory conditions (e.g. pneumonia), lung cancer, stroke and cataract. Residents in the informal settlement are the ones mostly affected by these conditions. Umande Trust through funding from Wimma Liikuttaa has been able to maximize on the bio gas utilization from the KUUM B bio centre by installing 4, one burner stoves and biogas lamps in the four rental rooms. The biogas burner ensures the tenants have their privacy as they cook their meals and importantly improve the health of women and children.  The residents have been able to save on the cost of buying paraffin and paying electricity bills. The school going children are also happy because they are now able to do their studies using the biogas light. Umande Trust has taken its bio-sanitation innovation a notch higher by utilizing bio-gas as a source of electricity.

Written By:

Lilian Waka