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Ngararia 1The project aims to connect twenty newly constructed Bio-toilets in Ng’araria Girls Secondary located in kandara constituency in Kiambu County to a bio-digester.

The project will improve the toilets and handwashing facilities within the school. The students will also be taken through a hand washing training session and dos and don’ts of using the bio-toilets.

The school has a student population of approximately 700. It’s  among school’s which have embraced eco-innovations by introducing the use of biogas digesters to not only provide the school with biogas to supplement

ngararia 2

the use of firewood, but also to convert waste into slurry that will be used as fertilizer.

Prior Ng’araia Girls secondary school had poor and over stretched sanitation facilities. The school’s administration and parents committee recognized the need for improvement, and luckily availed funds for the purchase of necessary materials needed for construction of the bio-sanitation facility.