Umande is currently in the planning stages of building a biogas and fertilizer plant in the informal settlement of Kibera in Nairobi. This plant will harness biogas from the human waste collected at Umande’s biocenters around Kibera, as well as vegetable waste from markets in Kibera. The plant will produce packaged biogas and liquid and solid fertilizer, and will be run by a community-owned business unit. This project will address a number of issues in the community: it will decrease emissions of green house gases, increase incomes for vulnerable communities in urban informal settlements, increase the use of organic fertilizer in agriculture, and supply the Kenyan market with biogas as an alternative to petroleum based LPG. Umande hopes that this project will help close the urban – rural cycle of nutrients between human waste and the agricultural fields by returning the slurry that remains after gas production back to the fieldsas an excellent organic fertilizer.

Umande Trust

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