Women’s Voices – ICT Choices

There is a gap in gender representation among the people of Kibera in regards to having the women’s voices heard on issues involving their community and the society they live in.  This project, Women’s Voices – ICT Choices, seeks to capture women’s views and ideas about county development, and make sure, these ideas are shared with the relevant authorities.

It looks to address four main themes of governance, transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption. To do this, we plan to train women in the community to be representatives of the rest of the community, called women voices champions. These women will be in charge of collecting and analyzing data from and about the community as well as other administrative work. The women will also be in charge of updating the social media pages and the dashboard with real-time information on the Wards that will connect the project to the community and the rest of the world. The information they collect will be shared with the relevant county officials, so they can put the community’s thoughts into action. The local media will also be engaged to reach out to more people and to steer discussions around accountable governance with a focus on devolution.

The women’s voices champions will help to give voice to other female members of the community whose ideas and opinions may not have been able to be shared without this project. Women’s Voices will be run through four of Kibera’s bio-sanitation facilities in four wards (Makina, Sarang’ombe, Lindi and Laini Saba) since they are already a focal point for men and women in the community.

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