Our History

Kenya (98)

Umande Trust was founded in 2002 with the aspiration of providing a durable sanitation option for people in Kibera. Umande Trust was mainly driven by the fact that most other NGOs solely focus on theory rather than incorporate practicality and community inclusion. The organization brought the idea of centre, which not only provides sanitation, but also energy, water access, public gatherings and income generation. These bio-sanitation facilities function as centres of democracy and peace, with accountability and transparency as key values. This won them the tri-cities award in 2006 for ensuring environmental sustainability in this low-income area.

Over time Umande Trust has expanded their workings to different informal settlements spreading over multiple cities in Kenya. This lead to them winning the Global innovation competition 2016. However there are still a lot of people without access to appropriate sanitation in Kenya and the world. Umande trust will continue to provide people with the basic human right, that is sanitation.

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