The Team

Umande Trust has a multi-disciplinary team. Each person with their function matched based upon their skillset. This makes sure that problems are addressed and looked at from different angles to create balanced problem solutions. The team comprises of:

Managing Trustee
KEPHAS OGUTU Governance and Community Partnership
CHARLES OMONDI Technical Department
– Kisumu
GEORGE OFUONA Technical Department
– Nairobi
JOACHIM ODUOR Governance & Advocacy – Nairobi
JOEL OMUKUNDA Security Officer
–  Nairobi
JOSEPH LUSENO Security Officer 
MARY O. ODERO Office Assistant – Kisumu
RAMTU ABDALLA Community Partnership
SAMUEL OLOO Technical Department
SOLOMON MWANGI Monitoring and Evaluation Officer- Nairobi
WILLIAM SANDE Project Officer Governance & Advocacy- Kisumu