Despite bold efforts by a range of actors to improve sanitation, a significant majority of households in urban areas have yet to gain access to decent, dignified, healthy and affordable sanitation choices.

Umande has partnered with Safi International to provide thousands of Safi e-cookers to Kibera residents. These e-cookers use bioethanol, offering a safe, healthy, sustainable, and affordable alternative to cooking with charcoal or firewood.

The Kibera Environment Initiative intends to enlighten community members to actively participate in environmental improvement and local governance issues, ensuring that resources are allocated for environmental improvement projects.

In 2012 Umande partnered with Cranfield University to deliver innovation and choices in water supply in the informal settlements of Nairobi and Kisumu. Along with paying up to nine times more than typical utility bulk water prices, residents in Kenya’s ... read more

Water is scarce, costly, and contaminated in Kibera. Although many residents of Kibera lack access to clean drinking water, they don’t lack access to mobile phones. M-maji (“mobile-water” in Swahili) is a “mobile-for-development” project that ai... read more

Under the Same Sky, started in February 2010 in the Kibera slums, is a project that addresses local environment and climate change problems. Comprised of two parts, the Schools in Kibera and the Schools Exchange Programme, UTSS targets different groups fo... read more