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Stop Sex for Water

The Stop Sex for Water Project (SSFW) is an initiative that addresses sextortion practices associated with water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services.  It also highlights other aspects of sexual abuse and the associated response and redress mechanisms. 

The project’s pivotal objective is to empower young girls and women in the WASH sector by working with institutions and communities to put safeguards in place to reduce WASH-related sexual exploitation and/or violence. The project aims to initiate and sustain policy dialogue on SSFW and include women in decision-making. There is additional emphasis on planning and budgeting to ensure SSFW’s long-term success in reducing water-related exploitation and abuse. 

Recently, Umande Trust has created a space in Kibera for community building and to serve as a safe space. The champions can have psychosocial meetings with women and girls to talk about their GBV experiences. There are also areas for those of the community to gather, as well as an outdoor area for playing games. This will be essential in creating awareness and engaging with members of the community.

The address is Top 3 Building, located along Kibera Drive next to the DCs office.

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